SIMUERO is wild jewelry, 
unique and unrepeteable.

We aim to produce conscious pieces influenced by textures and forms from environment.
Our collection explores the different forms of nature leading into wearable sculptural objects.


SIMUERO is Rocío and Jorge working 
each piece in an unique and very special way in his workshop based at Valencia, Spain.

Our designs are driven by the spontaneity and the beauty of the imperfection. They can contain slight imperfections and details that make each one unrepeatable.


We create each piece with respect for the material, which we recycle, reuse and treat so that nothing is ever wasted.🌱

Our materials are recycled in a local workshop, extracted in a natural way and with the maximum respect for the raw material and environment. We focus on the traceability of our process to make it as transparent as possible, making sure we reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. 

01. We provide materials (wax, metal and tools) from small local workshops in our area.

02. Each of our pieces spends an average of about 125 minutes in our hands.

03. We ship one day a week in order to reduce our CO2 emission and reduce as much as possible the routes.

04. Our packaging is designed to be reused, with recycled materials and organic fibres.