Simuero is wild jewelry,
unique and unrepeteable.

We aim to produce conscious pieces influenced by textures and forms from environment.
Our collection explores the different forms of nature leading into wearable sculptural objects.

Simuero is an ode to imperfection, sex and nature forms. We admire the beauty of wrinkles, irregular shapes, the grace of simplicity that does not simplify, the sensuality of the natural transformed into pieces that ourselves dream of.
We enjoy walking barefoot, a fresh fruit bite and the feeling of taking a huge nap. Give yourself more orgasms than objects, and when you opt for the latter, chose it with heart.
We follow our intuition to create each piece so they never lose their fierce. There is nothing perfect in what we do and Simuero neither pretends to be so.

is a consequence of experimentation and imagination. To play with wax and metal, with nature and heat. 
Simuero flows and lets intuition materialize.

We play with materials as a method of expression. We spend most of our time breaking, wrinkling, heating, dragging and breaking the wax in order to find textures that inspire us and result in unique sculptural pieces.

Our packaging aims to be reused again and again, we use recycled and respectful fibers for this.
We don’t believe in unboxing.
What’s important is inside. 
The packaging shouldn’t have no more relevance than the object itself. Let’s return honesty to the piece and not to the outside (in everything in life).

Fight for the natural.