We are Rocío and Jorge. We were born just over two decades ago. We live in Valencia. We discovered the world of jewelry by chance, and our daily life is now taken up creating new forms. Each and every one of the pieces we offer you has been shaped by our hands.

We design and craft them ourselves in our workshop in the centre of Valencia, where we like to watch the plants grow, observe the changing moods of the animals that visit us, and listen to stories that our friends tell us as we hammer away.

We work slowly because it is in our nature. Indeed, that is the meaning of true craftsmanship. Relaxed and unhurried. Each piece is made to order. We do not keep any products in stock, nor do we have any seasonal collections. And there is only one thing that fascinates us more than jewelry and that is Mother Nature, with its forms, its strength, its immensity and its generosity. And neither as an abstract idea nor as a strategy or discourse, but as a sole way of understanding life.🌱

Although certain actions and decisions may appear to lose value when they are spelt out, until the day arrives when we no longer need to do all we can to defend our planet, we believe it is important to highlight certain core values of our project.

1. Made to order and to measure. All our pieces are made on request, which means we generate less waste products and avoid accumulating unnecessary stock. As each piece is made to measure, the chances of returns are significantly reduced, which entails a saving in time and resources.

2. Craftsmanship. Each piece spends around 125 minutes in our hands. We do not outsource our production and all our work is carried out in a workshop conceived of as a meeting place, where we would be happy to welcome you

3. Recycled materials. All our pieces are made of recycled silver and the wax we use in the crafting process is all reused.

4. Local suppliers. Our suppliers (gold plating and gemstones) are located less than 10 kilometres from our workshop, which boosts the local economy and avoids costly, long-distance carriage.

5. Shipments once a week. We ship your orders as well as internal consignments to our suppliers once a week in order to save resources and avoid excess transportation with its negative impact on the environment.

6. Recycled and reusable packaging. Our pieces are shipped in a recycled jute package (which you can use afterwards as a case), and wrapped inside a remnant of organic cotton (perfect for cleaning your sunglasses, for example), and it is all protected inside a biodegradable, compostable cornstarch bag