SIMUERO is wild jewelry, 
unique and unrepeteable.

We aim to produce conscious pieces influenced by textures and shapes from our environment. Our collection explores the different forms of nature and transform them into wearable sculptural objects.




SIMUERO is the way Rocío Gallardo and Jorge Ros see the world.

Every piece is carefully and consciously hand made at our workshop based in Valencia, Spain.

Our designs are driven by the spontaneity and the beauty of imperfection. No two pieces are the same. They might show slight flaws and details that make each one of them unique.


We create each piece with respect for the material, which we recycle, reuse and treat so that nothing is ever wasted.🌱

Our materials are recycled in a local studio and extracted in a natural way. We have a deep respect for raw materials and our environment. We focus on the traceability of our process to make it as transparent as possible, making sure we reduce our carbon footprint.

01. We use materials (wax, metal) and tools from small local workshops in our area

02. Each of our pieces spends an average of about 125 minutes in our hands.

03. We ship our products once a week in order to reduce transportation pollution and CO2 emissions.

04. Our packaging is conceived to be reused and is made with recycled materials and organic fibres.