Alejandra Martínez Pina


A celebration of craftsmanship amidst the mountains of Alicante. Embracing the unexpected with the purest sensation of being alive. It's about the importance of living in a raw, honest and resolute way. Meet the Combo of ceramist Alejandra Martínez Pina. 

Pieces: Uva, Carme, Faro Cavallería & Al Sol.

How does Simuero inspire you?

For me, Simuero is a reminder that life can be incredibly beautiful. It's an opportunity to soak up the sun and have a good time. Applying it to life and not forgetting it at work.

How did you get to know the brand? 

I stumbled upon the brand by chance and reconnected with Rocío, as we met during adolescence in our hometown, Alicante. Shortly after, she also stumbled upon our Vernís project by chance and got in touch upon recognizing me. A beautiful love story!

Why did you choose these pieces? 

I chose the silver pieces because I like to think that over time, the plating will wear off, revealing the cast material beneath. I'm curious to witness the passage of time on them. The necklace is a direct reminder to bask in the sun and the rings are like charms that remind me of where I am.

One word to describe Simuero?