Help / Size Guide


Before measuring your finger, we provide you with the following information to keep in mind.

Measure your finger at the end of the day when your finger size is the largest to ensure the most accurate size selection. Keep in mind that finger size can fluctuate throughout the day, with hands often swelling, especially in warmer temperatures. Therefore, if you're uncertain between two sizes, we recommend opting for the larger size.

Sizes may differ between your left and right hand, as one hand is typically larger than the other. It's important to note that the ring you choose will fit perfectly on the finger for which you've measured the size, but may not fit as well on any other finger.

Due to the nature of our organic rings, some may fit differently from others. However, we ensure that all rings fall within our sizing guide.

How to Measure Your Ring Size:

  • Select a ring you already own that fits the desired finger.
  • Use a ruler or tape measure and place the ring on top, measuring the millimeters from side to side of the ring.
  • Compare these measurements with our sizing guide.


EUR Circum. mm
Diameter mm
5 45 14,3 3,5 - 4 G
8 48 15,3 4,5 - 5 I - J
10 50 15,9 5,5 K
12 52 16,5 6 - 6,5 L - M
14 54 17,1 6,75 - 7 N
16 56 17,8 7,5 O - P
18 58 18,4 8 Q
20 60 19,1 9 S
24 64 20,4 10,5 - 11 V

If you are uncertain of your size, please contact us at