Before measuring your finger, we provide you with the following information to keep in mind. 

Measure your finger at the end of the day, when your finger size is the largest, to be sure of the most accurate size to choose. Keep in mind that the size of your fingers varies throughout the day, hands swell during the day, especially in the heat. For this reason, if you hesitate between two sizes, we recommend that you choose the larger size.

The sizes between your left and right hand may vary, as one hand is usually larger than the other. It is important to know that the ring you choose will be perfect on the finger on which you have measured your size, but may not be as good on any other finger. 

Because of the characteristics of our organic rings, it is possible that some may fit larger than others, however, we make sure that these rings fit within our sizing guide.

These are the most reliable options for us when it comes to sizing your finger:

A) Measuring the circumference. Cut a narrow strip of paper and wrap it firmly around your finger. Make a mark where the two ends join. Unroll the paper and measure with a ruler until the mark. Compare the size with our size guide.  You can print here* a guide to help you measure your finger easily. Print the sheet of paper and cut out the ruler. Roll the paper around the finger, but not too tightly for accuracy. On the ruler you will see the circumference of your finger, compare these measurements with our size guide.

B) Measure the inner diameter of a ring that you currently own. Use a ruler or tape measure and place the ring on top, measure the millimeters from side to side of the ring. Compare these measurements with our sizing guide.

4 44 14.10 3 F
5 45 14.35 3 1/2 G
6 46 14.65 3 3/4 H
7 47 15.04 4 I
8 48 15.20 4 1/2 I 1/2
9 49 15.40 5 J
10 50 15.80 5 1/8 K
11 51 16.10 5 3/4 L
12 52 16.51 6 M
13 53 16.92 6 1/2 N
14 54 17.15 6 3/4 N 1/2
15 55 17.35 7 O
16 56 17.75 7 1/2 P
17 57 18.19 8 Q
18 58 18.61 8 1/2 R
19 59 18.85 9 R 1/2
20 60 19.10 9 1/8 S

How to measure your own ring size:

Measure the inner diameter of a ring

that you’ve already own.

16,5mm = SIZE 12 | 6 UK/USA | M