Bella Thomas


Born in Sydney, raised by the sea and grew up with salt-stained skin.
Model and creative Bella Thomas is half Australian, half Indian. Discover her strong connection to the ocean and nature.
Meet the Combo of Bella Thomas.

Pieces: Fruto Choker Lima, Boya Brown, Uva, Rodeo, Fruto Agua & Fruto Menta.

How does Simuero inspire you?

I love how Simuero's pieces exude an unfiltered and honest essence. I understand the countless hours into every piece and, while the term "untouched" may not be entirely accurate, I'm so drawn to each and every piece for their unique beauty. They allow the person wearing them to stand out too, they are hard to go unnoticed. Each piece respects the nature in which it was found and formed; it is evident in every detail.

How did you get to know the brand?

I found the brand on Instagram many years ago. I loved Simuero from day one! I still wear all the pieces I have and will cherish them forever.

Why did you choose these pieces?

Currently, I find myself so drawn to silver, especially when it’s mixed in with gold. I’ve worn just gold forever, but silver now feels so clean and fresh to wear. I love ocean-coloured stones combined with the deep rich brown.

One word to describe Simuero?