Mahaut Le Lagadec


Cook's hands wearing Simuero rings à la Bretagne. Exploring the shared values among different artisanal labours: time, patience, attention to detail, love and sensitivity. Meet the Combo of Mahaut Le Lagadec.

Pieces: Faro Esvedrà, Carme, Cerezas & Fruto Choker Agua.

How does Simuero inspire you?

When I pronounce 'Simuero' with my French accent, it reminds me of the sound of the whistling wind and the waves crashing on the sand. I live in Brittany, on the French north coast, where I witness the sea and the wind playing together day after day. Wearing jewelry that evokes the wind, rain, or the sea holds a profound meaning for me.

As a chef, I aim to collaborate with local producers who passionately and patiently work with raw, fresh, and natural materials. Through cooking with their products every day, I aim to highlight their expertise, stories, sensitivity, and their love for what binds us to the Earth. Similarly, by wearing your pieces, I hope to showcase your craftsmanship and attention to detail, expressing your commitment to honoring the beauty of nature.

Why did you choose these pieces?

I chose these pieces because of their natural colors, which are directly connected to nature—its lights, reflections, shadows, as well as its shapes and curves. For instance, the yellow stone of the Faro Ring symbolizes the sun, which I constantly seek, regardless of the time of day. The Fruto Choker Agua, with its crystal stone, brings to mind the wind in the waves.

Describe Simuero in one word.

Audacity! Or biomimicry, too :)