Paula Jaro


A creative captivated by objects that resonate directly with her amidst the daily stimuli. Pieces with artistic, almost architectural shapes that seamlessly coexist with their surroundings. Meet the Combo of Paula Jaro.


Pieces: Pedrera, Fruto Cherry, Uva, Rodeo, Helio, Faro Cavalleria, Cerezas.

How does Simuero inspire you?
Craft & Uniqueness. I would use these two words to describe what each of their pieces evokes in me. The almost architectural and artistic way in which they are created and the perfect harmony in which they coexist with the rest of the elements, thus creating a unique universe closely connected with organic beauty.

How did you get to know the brand?
It happened a while back, about four years ago, during a summer while browsing social media. I don't exactly remember how, but I came across their profile. I immediately fell in love with a particular piece that I still remember perfectly.
Achieving that immediate connection with someone is challenging in a world where we receive so many daily stimuli. However, their pieces told me something, and I somehow naturally connected not only with them but with the entire universe around them. I find it important to resonate with the concept and soul behind a brand beyond the individual aesthetics of its products.

Why did you choose these pieces?
I suppose it's the mood I'm in right now. We don't always feel the same, and these are the ones I feel like wearing at the moment. In the end, it's with the brand that I feel identified and, therefore, comfortable with its pieces. I just had to go with how I feel now and what I feel like carrying with me.

Describe Simuero in one word.