Rocío Gallardo


For some reason, I feel like silver is meant for hands that work, to empower rather than just adorn. You get used to its tone and the light it creates and it becomes like a charm. Once you start wearing it, you can't take it off.

Pieces: Sello Soye, Marea Clear, M.A.R. 02, Espejo, Globo Bracelet, Atolón Blue, Lorenzo, Arena, El Dorado, Huella 01.

I've been reading about how silver has been in contact with humans for thousands of years. It has some properties that have played a significant role in our history. It's antibacterial, so besides being used to heal wounds, people used it to collect water, store food and even prevent diseases and viruses. It has so many benefits and it made me feel a primal connection.

Sometimes, without even realizing it, I play with my rings, twirling and touching them and it surprisingly brings me a sense of calm. I've never been into jewelry until I embarked on this journey and now I feel a deep connection to a material that accompanies me every day, making me feel powerful and connected to both my present self and our ancestors from centuries ago. It's like a protective shield I always carry with me.

I wish the pieces could be sent with the sound created while working the metal, the noise of the workshop, and its smell. I would love to convey how I feel when wearing them, knowing we made them with so much care. I wish I could tell the story behind each one of them. Wearing your product feels like an act of love and indescribable pride.

I couldn’t choose just one because each one represents an important moment for me. From Espejo to Lorenzo. From Huella 01, where I see my fingerprint, to the color of Atolón, which takes me back to summer. Seals, necklaces, bracelets, but above all, memories.