The Sound of Simuero

In our workshop, a rhythmic melody is ever-present: the tools. They create a disordered, chaotic symphony—loud, direct and precise. An incessant background to the crafting of each piece.

The touch of skin on metal, the instinct to know when something is finished and the teamwork where each person plays a role in a coordinated movement, much like ants at the onset of autumn. Laughter between piece and piece and the underlying tension striving for excellence.

Sharing a piece made with your hands, especially with loved ones and all who believe in our project. Knowing that many of these pieces are part of an essential moment in someone’s life. Lunching among pieces with colleagues turned family, feeling proud of a process where rights are honored. The result of completing a piece feels like seeing it for the first time and loving it. Loving it a lot. The chaos of describing a process where emotion weaves with technique. Living Simuero every day.

Directed by Nacho Errando
DOP: Jesús Ponce
Gaffer: José del Barrio
Color Grading: Mario Lorente
Creative Direction: Jorge Ros & Rocío Gallardo