The Closer The Better: Uva

Handcrafted labor, tradition, and history, stemming from native vineyard. Uva is a ring brimming with subtleties. Inspired by the color and remarkable beauty of a fruit that encapsulates millennia of artisanal craftsmanship.

Uva mirrors the curvaceous contour of a succulent white grape. Its vibrant, luminous green hue heightens its freshness and vitality, akin to a symphony of flavors. Its polished, velvety texture evokes the skin of a freshly plucked grape.

Uva is crafted from lightweight metal, delicately cradling a unique stone that captures and reveals the various nuances of each, creating distinct tones in every ring, much like the varied hues of grapes in a cluster. The intense yet transparent color exudes a sense of freshness.

Each time we gaze upon the Uva ring, a novel universe unfolds before us. It serves as a poignant reminder that genuine beauty resides in the individuality inherent to every fruit. An invitation to embrace diversity and revel in the magnificence of the natural world