Discover the inspiration behind each of Simuero’s collections. Handcrafted jewelry produced in an honest way in our workshop in Valencia (Spain). Recycled metals, ethical stones, organic silhouettes and unique designs inspired by the strength and beauty of nature. Explore each of the collections that have been shaped by our hands.


Collection 07.

As light as massive.
As delicate as raw.
As majestic as a lily.

Organic pieces that represent the value of handcrafted jewelry and the strength of nature. Brightness, vitality and beauty come together in designs made of recycled sterling silver with extra plating for added protection and recycled brass plated with 3 microns of 18k gold. The vibrancy of lemon quartz and apple green zirconia gives the Malva collection uniqueness and delicacy.


Collection 06.

Wild shapes and endless volumes blend with the forms and textures of water.

Globo is an ode to volume. Rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces of endless textures in perpetual motion.
Globo's stones are ethically sourced: orange corundum or blue, yellow and orange glass have been hand-set from our workshop in Valencia.

Perritos al sol


Freedom, dogs, donkeys, amigos and endless summer days.

Handcrafted pieces that allow us to experiment with metal, to explore its limits and forms. Available in recycled sterling silver and recycled brass and plated with 5 microns of 18k gold. Drawings, words and simple random scribbles that reveal an attitude towards life. Of the joy, freedom, courage and energy of doggies playing in the water under the sun.



Aiming to leave as small a footprint as possible.

Since we were kids, we have been taught that leaving our footprint is the real goal in life. But what is really necessary is to be able to live without the Earth remembering us. This is how our capsule collection Huella was born. Three unique rings created with honesty using recycled materials.

Huella's artisanal rings are handmade in our workshop. In this way, their imperfections and particularities make them unrepeatable pieces. A collection of solid and compact rings that appeals to respect and collective consciousness.


Collection 03.

Greetings from the mysterious depths of the ocean.

Los Peces is an ode to the freedom of marine life. A collection of aquatic pieces with gill breathing, irregular textures, metallic extremities and golden reflections. Rings, earrings, necklaces, chokers and bracelets to feel like a fish in water.

This collection is about the beauty of imperfection. Of how subtle hand-set stones open their way after the erosion of the metal. Pink spinel, green onyx, topaz, green peridot and blue kyanite complete the pieces of Los Peces, a light collection with organic lines.


Collection 02.

You can hear the ocean in La Costa pieces.

La Costa is a collection of archaeological pieces inspired by the sea. Gems, marine shapes and grooves created by the sand make up this collection in which you may find traces of salt and water. From the crystal-clear waters surrounding the Balearic Islands to the depth and richness of marine life. La Costa will not take you to a place, but to a feeling.


Collection 01.

Dive into the mesmerizing depths of our most liquid collection, inspired by the serenity of the sea.

A collection born through the power of water. Through the strength of its energy and its nature to transform all types of terrains and surfaces. Handcrafted pieces full of nuances, grooves and organic shapes that evoke the immensity of the incredible aquatic ecosystem.

All the models of our Agua collection are handmade and available in silver and gold. Made from recycled brass, the Rings, earrings, necklaces and chokers are plated with 5 microns of 18k gold. The silver pieces are made from recycled sterling silver with extra plating for added protection. Let's dive into the endless shapes of Agua.