When an item is out of stock, the customer can subscribe to receive an alert when the product becomes available again. This action is done in the specific product file. Each piece is produced in our own workshop in Valencia, Spain, all production team are in continuous production, so out of stock products will be back in a short period of time. You can send an email to asking for the specific product you are interested in and we will give you more detailed information about it.

The out of stock pieces of our unique capsule of fine jewelry are limited edition and will not be available again.



At Simuero we are artisans and each piece we produce is unique, so we recommend that the pieces are cared for in a specific way to extend its life.

All our rings are made of recycled 925 silver. All other pieces are 18K gold plated brass and silver plated with additional plating for added protection.

Solid gold is available upon request.

We do not recommend that any of our pieces be manipulated by third parties as this could alter the very nature of the piece. We are not responsible for what may happen to the piece if you decide to alter it.



Simuero don't guarantee that the gold plating on our pieces will last forever, as by its nature it wears down with time and use. Durability will always depend on how the piece is cared for.

To ensure your gold plated jewelry continues to live its best life, avoid;

  • All liquids including water, salt water, chlorine, shampoo & conditioner, perfume, soap, make-up, fake tan, hairspray, cleaning products, lotions, oils and oxidising agents.
  • Swimming, showering and washing your hands – always remove your jewelry first.
  • Jewelry must be removed before any kind of exercise. Sweat is a complex, natural thing and it can speed up tarnish.
  • Save them separately inside a cloth bag or its original box. This avoid scratches and blows.



Gently polish with a soft cloth. Don’t use any cleaning products as this can damage plating.

At Simuero we offer a plating service. To request this service write to and we will tell you the steps to follow.

*For our plating service, we don't accept external jewelry pieces.