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Oaxaca's Craftsmanship

Drawing inspiration from the ancient roots of craftsmanship, where techniques have been preserved by artisan communities. These days we've been delving deep into Oaxaca's artisanal heritage. A place of a thousand colors, textures and shapes weaving in rhythm; of naked, experienced, rough hands. We're learning about the intricacy of their crafts and culture, about the sense of mysticism in their works.

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We met Doña Viviana from Casa Viviana, the pioneer preserving the tradition of crafting multicolored beeswax candles,which originate from an ancient wedding ritual.

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We also visited José and Teresita at their family workshop 'Manos que Ven' where the craft of pottery has been passed down from generation to generation. Though José's eyes may not see, his hands hold the memory to create life-sized clay sculptures using the soil from their village.

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And we were captivated by the serenity, simplicity and natural beauty of Casa Wabi in Puerto Escondido, an artist residence that embraces beauty and harmony in the simple, the imperfect and the unconventional.

These are just a few of the postcards we'll keep from our time in Oaxaca.